It took longer than I expected, but I am coming down off the high from attending Worldcon. It had to happen, I know, but it’s a letdown.

The tough part will be keeping on moving forward and not letting self doubt wrap its spindly fingers around my throat while it whispers sweet-you’re-nothings into my ear. As it happens, I am something.

I am a writer.

If you are unsure, observe the sentences preceding that statement: I did, in fact, write those. Of course, something that simple is not always enough to prove it to me, but shouldn’t it be?

Writers write. Granted, I have not been doing an excessive amount of writing as of late, but I still am writing. I will continue to write until I either decide it’s enough or am rendered completely unable to do so. I don’t anticipate the former any time soon, and have little control over the latter, so I shall soldier on.

I considered apologizing for the stereotypical self-hyping I CAN DO THIS blog post, but as it happens, I apologize for way too much in my life. I need to cut it out because, in so doing, I take myself less seriously. I should not apologize for writing the post I need.

Plus, people with whom I am hypothetically and arbitrarily arguing, it’s my blog. I can write what I want.

This blog does not see much activity, largely because I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. That’s a crock, though, because when I was at Worldcon, people seemed genuinely interested, and for once I wasn’t even faking.

I promise I will avoid a separate stereotype: the I’M GONNA BLOG MORE JUST YOU SEE post, because that’s the proverbial nail in the coffin for your average blog.

Here’s what I will say instead: I’m going to write more. Some of that writing will find its way to this blog.

No promise of a certain number of words, nor a stringent schedule of X posts per month.

Just more.

It is enough.

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