Two months of writing in the Yes-I-can

June and July have been refreshing in regards to my story / wordcount output.

First, I am developing the habit of writing every day. Sometimes it is a struggle, sure, but that’s life. I’m keeping it up and that’s what matters.

Second, I’m making serious, solid progress on my manuscript. For the last several months I’ve sort of floundered, going back to the beginning more times than I’d like to admit. Now, though, I’m right in the middle (where I typically lose steam and turn back) and I think I can push it through this time.

Having a real deadline helps. Self-imposed deadlines are all well and good, but I have trouble taking myself seriously, which hurts their effectiveness. This opportunity to submit to a publisher I really like, however, will expire whether or not I finish the book in time.

I really think I can make it, though I’m apprehensive as I look forward to the second half of my manuscript. It feels like the entire book looms ahead even though I’ve done most of the groundwork, and a sense of dread looms over me, telling me it will never be finished.

That, of course, is a load of Rocky Mountain oysters and any such thoughts are filed under ‘bull.’

Other than the actual putting-words-on-the-page, the mental game is all that remains in this battle to complete the book. Attitude problems prevail and shift from day to day, but with it so close, I hope — no, I know — I can complete it in time.

My average word output has increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks, and the only legitimate worry I have is that I will burn out from the high-output days, as has happened before. A couple years back I wrote over 6,500 words one day and didn’t write a thing for more than a week afterward.

How do you deal with recovering from great days? I’m still searching for a good way to carry momentum forward.

Keep writing.

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