It’s That Time Again!


San Antonio, Texas.

One whole weekend of awesome, a frenzied ride from panels on the weird to readings by the bizarre.

This will be my second WorldCon and, as such, I am expecting it to be twice as good.

Okay, I admit, that might be setting the bar a little high. Last year, I had an eye-opening experience in Chicago as I realized that I have a place. First off, all those weirdos on Twitter who seemed to think along the same basic lines I do turned out to be real, living, respirating humans. (For the most part.)

Second, these real people have a community that, up until around two years ago, flew entirely beneath my personal radar. I had no idea that creative types of all sorts bonded together so well online — silly me, because I am fairly certain now that they (or should I say we?) have had a presence online ever since there has been an online.

In my area, there is not a lot going on, creatively speaking. Central Indiana is all about the corn, with some factories sprinkled in for good measure. It is nice to know that I can find some common ground just by clicking over to my personal favorite social media, Twitter, and find a lively and interactive writerly experience. I have even talked to a few people who live in my state and manage to maintain the dream.

Last time I came home from WorldCon, I had a sort of post-con euphoria that I tried to ride into completing all of my projects. That was nice while it lasted but in the end the buzz, as all buzzes do, faded. I did not entirely collapse but fell into a bit of a slump once the high passed.

This year, I am hoping to do better. I will, without question, end up high on the fumes of tightly compacted crazed creatives. Hopefully, I can channel that into some productive times in the following weeks. What I need to avoid, however, is relying on that extra juice to accomplish my normal workload. That is just about as helpful as relying on The (Effervescent) Muse, a tactic which will handily lead an author on the spiraling path to nowhere.

Now that I have a solid 80 days of consistent writing on my Magic Spreadsheet, I am fairly confident I can continue, to not burn out once the magic fades. Of course, one of the main challenges for me this weekend will be keeping up with my minimum word count.

Just to add to the challenge, I shall require myself to actually work on my manuscript over the con weekend. That should be fun.

I look forward to reporting back about my experience.

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