Well, This Sucks

Guess what? It turns out editing is not easy.

I’m starting to understand the concept of putting the draft aside for a time on a whole new level — one based in actual experience and my own feelings! Who knew?

(Okay, Chuck Wendig knew, but for the purposes of my argument, I shall temporarily ignore that fact.)

I don’t hate my manuscript.


I’m just a little tired. I think we need a little space.

No, manuscript, it’s not you. It’s me.

I have done some soul searching (yes, manuscript, I have a soul, shut up) and I think we need to have a little time apart.

Okay, if you want the truth, I felt pretty good about keeping the status quo, even once I typed “THE END” onto you. There was something else that, well, it repulses me.



You’re too complex to summarize, manuscript! How can I contain everything I love about you in a mere two pages? I am sure it is possible, but the process is dragging both of us down.

I need the summary. This week. Therefore, we will pound our way through this, get it over with, then just take a little break. I swear to you that I will return, refreshed and raring to, what was it, Edit the Unmerciful Suck Out Of [You].

Er, excuse me folks.

I’m sorry you had to see that. I just think, if I post it here, in public, maybe my manuscript will start to understand that we just need to get through this discomfort so we can get back to the awesome.

This is my first somewhat professional deadline. I resist throwing quotes on that term because it is a deadline for a professional company to which I will submit my novel. I am, in fact, an aspiring professional.

That being said, I don’t know just how “pro” I feel at the moment. Mostly, I am exhausted and looking forward to working with some new characters, some new stories soon. This manuscript will be waiting for me to polish the rest of it up and I think that will be a good process too, just not yet. I must remind myself, on a constant basis, that this is what Real Writers feel the world over and that it is all Perfectly Normal.

When it comes to the creative world, normal is a bit of a relative term, but I think I am in close enough proximity to that to feel good about it.

It is late, and I am rambling. For this, I apologize. For feeling the need to vent my frustrations in a public forum, I do not. (Unless you are reading this… you know who you are. Er, sorry?)

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