And Now I Have Done It

Words! I made with the words, I packaged them into a (mostly) tidy file, and I shipped them to the intended destination.

It’s away! On time! I’m done!

Well, not really. I still need to clean up my draft in places, do a bit of verbal housekeeping, slay some adverbs. (For some reason, I get rather adverb-y when I tone down the inner critic. I have to let myself do it, counting on future Jon to fix it later, or else I get bogged down in the little details of getting this one sentence just right.

I think this is the part where I am supposed to say how it feels.

Let me tell you, it feels just about the same as any other day. The only real change is that I have a little less pressure, and that’s nice, anyway.

I am proud of myself for getting it done, sure, but mostly I am tired.

But hey, no time to be tired! NaNoWriMo is juuuuust around the corner, boys and girls!

I am at least going to start NaNo this year. I do not know if I will keep up the word count, though I am fairly confident I can, but since I have written every day for the last… let me check… 144 days, I’m not going to let some pathetic November, even if it is one of my personal busiest months of the year, come along and screw that up. (Seriously, though, people… November is a terrible time for NaNoWriMo.)

Part of the reason I want to do the NaNo thing is I am going to take a stab at more of the directionless, pantsing, discovery writer sort of deal, where I have a general, fuzzy idea of where I’d like to go but no plans for which path to take to get there.

The story idea I have is kind of exciting, in that I-really-want-to-goof-off kind of way, so I’m looking forward to it. The book I just finished is a contemporary time travel story, and now for something… completely different. Old people in a fantasy realm adventuring just a little past their prime!

I do not know what my ending is yet, and that is critical — I need to know where I’m going, even if I’m not sure how to get there. I discovered that with this last book. That won’t stop me from beginning tomorrow to lay the foundation for what promises to be a rather fun excursion into Storyland.

(I promise, nothing related to the story is called ‘Storyland.’)

(And there are no talking cats.)


I’m going to also experiment with a split workload this month: making new words in the morning on one story, editing a second story in the afternoon. I think with the dedicated timeslots, I might be able to train my brain to produce when I need it to do so.

Faithful reader, you will be the tenth to know how that goes.

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