On Better Days

Yesterday, man. Yesterday.

Yesterday both sucked AND blew.

I wrote a blog post about it, in part to vent my frustration and in part to remember it later when I am writing and need to recall a real world example for escalating the suck slash blow factor in my poor characters’ lives.

That blog post is sitting in my ever expansive pile of posts to maybe someday eventually post that I will never get around to putting online. It is kind of moody, kind of depressing, and just generally not fit for my online persona. Still, it was somewhat therapeutic to write it and I do not consider said writing a waste of time.

I have not yet developed the habit of taking out bad days upon my characters, but that seems like it might be a functional way to cope. For one thing, it keeps me writing even on the worse days, and for another it helps me introduce even more conflict (known in readers’ terms as FUN). I think, as an exercise, I might try channeling my frustrations into the story, just to see what sorts of terrible disasters I bring down upon the characters’ heads.

Yesterday, it would have been a slow burn, circumstances getting worse, little by little, but an inexorable progression toward just plain awful. The characters would surely have despised me (more so than they already would if they had any way of knowing they were in my stories) had I written on the story last night.

I also do not find myself burdened with the protective instinct over my creations that I have read about from some other authors. Sure, I want my characters to survive, on some level, but only so long as they serve the stories. Sometimes, it serves the story better for them to die. Horribly and gruesomely. So be it.

But you know what might be an even more interesting exercise?

Torture the characters on a good day!

Today, Heidi and I are adopting a kitty. We have already chosen the target cat and have prepared our living area as best we could to accommodate it, and the day might be somewhat more stressful as the first day home with it, but KITTY.

Without question, it is gonna be a pretty great day.

So here is the question: can I overcome my generally positive feelings and still dole out atrocious circumstances to my characters, explain their negative emotions and blot out every glimmer of hope in their lives, all while swimming in the glory of having a new kitty?

I think I can do it.

At least, I think I can do as well as I might any other day.

This little experiment will probably not turn up much today as I am really not sure what bad I can do to my characters in the upcoming bits of story, but perhaps it will inspire me to make up some new twist.

In a somewhat unrelated proclamation, I shall post kitty pictures within the week.

That is all.

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