The Obligatory End-of-Year Blog Post

One more revolution round yon fiery gas ball, dear friends, and in these modern times that can (apparently) mean only one thing (disregarding all the other things it might mean): reflection on the year gone past.

Therefore, I shall toss my coin into the proverbial well, even if it is a well that now contains far more coins than water. Now that I think about it, said well is probably so overwhelmed with coins that locating the original water acquisition device would require a bulldozer, an OSHA certified driver (you do NOT want to mess around with OSHA — they’ll shut you down!), and a lot of patience.

Part of me wonders why I ought to bother, but then I realize that this is more for me than for the reader. “Then write it for yourself, and do not burden the blogosphere with your pointless meanderings!” you may cry.

“But doing this helps me try and develop a habit of posting updates to my blog, a habit which often atrophies, and is one I hope to further in the coming year!” I might cry back at you.

Why are we crying?


For me, 2013 was a year.

The end.

Okay, fine, a lot happened in this past year. Not all of I t was noteworthy, but a few highlights stand out (thus fulfilling the purpose of highlighting them).

This year, I attended a science fiction convention.

This was my second year running in attendance at the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, or WorldCon for the vaguely initiated. I learned a lot, not just in terms of raw data to crunch while writing but also about how to better comport myself as a professional. (Isn’t “comporting yourself” in public considered rude? I should go back and check my notes.) Relationships that were no doubt hardly memorable from the first year were strengthened by my repeat attendance. Plus, my wife and I just plain had fun down in San Antonio. It’s a nice enough city, and one to which neither of us had ever traveled.

The most important takeaway from the con, however, was a sense of hope, tinged with a faint hint of confidence. The hope is that I will find a place in the community, and it was strengthened by my interactions at the con. The writers and fans and sundry attendees seem the closest I’ll ever come to finding a “my people,” and that’s okay with me.

Moving on.

This year, I finished a full-fledged manuscript.

I managed to cross the threshold into the realm of “authors who finish their shit.” It’s an exclusive club, and the member benefits are great. (I hear that if I finish another 9,999 novels, I get a free toaster!)

It felt good to finish, and further, I turned in the first few chapters to a publisher. Still waiting to hear back, but who cares? (I actually do. A LOT. Wait, was that the mail person?)

There’s still a lot of work to be done, as the manuscript is a bit inconsistent due to changes made late in the game, but I feel confident this will be done. Soon. Probably.

And finally…

This year, I wrote. A LOT.

Using the Magic Spreadsheet as a self-induced kick-in-the-pants, I have written consistently for over 200 days. Not a single day off or skipped. Now, I confess that on a few days I have phoned it in a bit, by writing something random but loosely related to the story, or by writing blog posts. (Like today! Oh, my!) Even so, I have made withy e words and I have not stopped.

This is my biggest accomplishment this year, because before I had a terrible trouble keeping any consistency. I hope to take this larval-stage habit and grow it into a fully formed lifestyle. It might take a few years.

Please, everyone, hold your applause until the end.

Oh, this is the end?

Well… this is awkward.

I’m fairly certain that this is where I’m supposed to announce my resolution for the next year. Plenty of people find the concept ludicrous, and while I tend to hang out not he fringes of that crowd, I still understand the power that this can have for some people. I don’t like to make resolutions, as such, but I can still say…

Basically, I want to do more of the same. More writing, more working on the blog, more developing my other ideas, more being a half-decent husband.

If I can keep all that up, then 2014 should be pretty great.

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