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It may sound strange, it may be unbelievable, but I am actually making progress on my writing.

Editing is progressing… slow but sure. It is tougher than I thought, but starting seems to be the hardest part. Next most difficult: sustaining any amount of momentum.

I am approaching the editing process using Google Drive for two (and a half) reasons.

First, this gives me access to the work virtually anywhere that I go (as my iPad is generally capable of using the Google Drive app and most computers have web browser capabilities). This eliminates potential excuses or delays.

Second, it provides me with an easy-access collaboration tool for working with my business manager / financial advisor / boss / wife. She can easily drop in to look at a certain passage I am trying to talk out with her, and add comments and highlights of her own.

Finally, for the half reason, Google Drive claims to have a sort of half-implemented track changes feature that keeps some previous versions of the document. I will not count on this entirely (my plan is to keep versions for each major editing pass) but it is nice to at least be able to see what sort of work I have done on a specific day.

But why keep talking about writing? I mean, I am only working on a half dozen projects right now, and all work and no play makes Jack spout useless phrase-tropes.

(I feel confident there is a proper word for that, but phrase-trope is the only thing that came to mind. Something is wrong there…)

My family is currently in the process of being wrangled into playing a pen and paper RPG with me. I have never really done much in that vein, though the desire to do so has existed for years, and my wife finally kicked me in the rear and forced me forward.

We have drawn up characters and discussed a small amount what our overarching predicament will be. All that is left is for me to come up with some inkling of how to run the campaign, what to set against their characters, how to even think about being a GM… all that stuff.
It turns out that trying to run a game like this is a lot like work. Work that I will probably end up enjoying, but still… yeesh, a lot of effort.

On the more passive-entertainment side of things, I started playing Kingdoms of Amalur again. I picked it up a while back and played a few hours, then… kind of forgot. It is a cool game (and deserves credit for being the only recent release that I can actually run on my computer, albeit with toned down graphics settings).

The story is kind of loose, and easy to lose behind the swiftly rising tide of side quests — every person that passes decides you are the most competent adventurer they have ever seen and need you to collect the Ten Lost Socks of Amshacklenuts — but in a way that is kind of a relief from the more focused games I have been playing. Sometimes it’s nice to run around and just do whatever is close by. Sure, the world is about to end, but as the main character, I’m sure it will wait for me to get there first.

I do need to go and download The Wolf Among Us episode 2, as well… I’ve only been waiting 2 months.

Finally, someone (whose identity I shall protect for no apparent reason) got me to watch a really bizarre cartoon. Rick and Morty is on Adult Swim, which should give you the basic idea that it is not particularly family-friendly, but it’s also… kind of disturbing at times. And yet… and yet…
The show rides a fine line, always edging up to becoming too inappropriate to stand, then flips around when you least expect it.

If you find offensive things offensive, then stay away, but if it’s late, and you’re staring at your screen with a little drool hanging out the side of your mouth, look for it on YouTube.

And that about catches you up with that.

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