Weird Stories are Weird

It seems that I have taken a new step toward coming into my own as a website owner.

Carving out your own space online is not such a significant thing now as it might have been, oh, two decades ago, but I have hosted my blog on my own little piece of the ‘Net for over a year now. I shall treat it like the minor accomplishment that it is: with a teensy bit of fanfare and a loose mention on my blog.

Right around the time that I hit that milestone, I also experienced a loss of service from my webhost. It is not a big deal, DreamHost, we can still be friends. Even so, I would appreciate it if, when you decide to give my site a new IP address, you take that extra step to start propagating that to the appropriate DNS servers.

Fortunately, I believe my loss of service went largely unnoticed. There is a small chance that someone came looking for it, wanting to give me a job or money or both, but I tend to make myself pretty available on Twitter on the off chance that some other form of communication fails.

I wrote a short story recently, one that was completely ridiculous and had very little bearing in reality. It was based on a flash fiction challenge over at Chuck Wendig’s terribleminds, where I rolled my d10 and landed on Cowpunk. Normally, I try to allow for some measure of realism in my stories, but in this one all I strove for was internal consistency. Perhaps that is more important than realism anyway.

In any case, I shall post that on the blog to,orrow, and i am looking forward to seeing any reactions to that. It follows a familiar pattern, but hopefully in the most explosive way possible.

It helps that I had a friend give it the once-over, pointing out any unnecessary and meandering text (I started out over the word coint I was seeking). It probably also helps that said friend was mildly inebriated at the time. Now, I won’t go so far as recommending that anyone get drunk before reading my stories, but in some cases it wouldn’t be a bd move, either.

My life has been full of a big distraction. Brandon Sanderson’s WORDS OF RADIANCE is awesome, and the audiobook is really long (just like te real thing!), so i have been trudging eagerly throug that. (Yes, as a professional writer, I declare that one can, indeed, trudge in an eager manner.) There is more on that, in a post I wrote previously but have not brought online yet. This is where discovering that my site was gone comes into play, as i had the post ready to go and then could not submit it to my wordpress. It shall be here soon, though.

The other big distraction, mostly from today, is FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS. Now, I know that for me the Fallout games (at least 3 and NV) are a crippling time sink and should be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, though, i don’t care and play amyway.

Difference this time is that I discovered the wonderful world of mods for the PC version. Turns out, there exists a lovely and lively modding community for this game and they have produced some rather impressive add ons for the game.

One that I installed but have not yet explored offers an entire new branch to the main campaign, with a new faction you can pick. The fully featured questline has voice acting and everything. Pretty impressive.

I am working through another which allows the player to set up shop in the abandoned schoolhouse near where you start the game. This add on does not just hand it to you, though. There’s a lot of fetching, finding, finagling to be done, and a floor to be mopped. (Oh, they went there, all right.) I suppose when I finally have my shack, I’ll feel I earned it.

These custom add ons make me wonder: is this like fan fiction? I mean, it takes place within an existing framework and tells a new story. These people put a lot of effort into it, too, not just writing it up but programming and acting as required to tell that story.

An intriguing thought, one I will have to flesh out in a later post. For now, though, my evil lair awaits.

It isn’t going to mop itself!


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