Flash Fiction: One Emotion in 100 words

This challenge says to communicate an emotion in just a hundred words. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.

I wrote more about it, which I will include in the following post, as well as more emotion stories.

Hope you enjoy, and hope you can figure out what emotion I was going for.

– – – – –

Ray stared, then caught himself.

An exertion of will turned his eyes away from the window. She waited outside.

Gulping, Ray said, “I’m in.”

The others backed down. Wimps.

Jake meant it when he offered her. After Steve’s death, Jake was desperate.

The room grew warmer. Ray sipped his drink, ice chattering.

“Are you sure?” Jake bit his lip. A tell.

Ray glanced down at his cards. Low flush.

He put his quivering hand beneath the table and used the other to push two hundred large to the center. Jake tossed his keys atop the money.

Jake showed two pair.

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