I am now a deviant

Big news, right? Oh, c’mon you guys, you don’t have to act like you didn’t already know.

Wait, I think we’re talking about different things.

I joined the artistic community on deviantART.

What were you thinking? Deviant.

I joined that site for a variety of reasons, reasons that I dictated over on my profile page just moments ago. Blah blah, I suck at art, blah blah, I’d like to get my act together and have people tell me nice things about my stuff, etc. etc., I can belong if I want to.

The reason I am talking about it over here is because I am trying to figure out how I want to maintain two distinct web presences. This blog was always meant to be a way for people who want to have any idea what’s going on with me to find out, in a mostly concise and convenient way. I also always planned to post my flash fiction here. The website was meant to be some freak hybrid of personal journal and professional landing point for those who wanted to know more about me as The Writer.

Now that I think about it, though, I’m not sure that this is the right place for the flash fiction. This webpage is pretty insular. Nothing links here except for the publicize-automaton that blathers my link to Facebook and Twitter once. Unless I go out of my way to share it with someone, it just sits here and… and nothing.

There’s no real way for me to get any interaction on my stories. I love posting to Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges because I occasionally get some feedback from the other esteemed writers flashing their bits on the page. Beyond that, though, it feels a bit pointless to isolate my work here.

Perhaps I will continue to publish the flash fiction here, but also post it on my deviantART profile. There’s at least a chance someone over there will come across it. (I know I could use Tumblr or something similar, but I would prefer to limit the number of web presence points I have to maintain. Plus deviantART’s format is a bit easier for me to wrap my head around.)

Maybe with the potential of reaching out a bit further, I will get more constructive feedback on my writing. Here’s hoping…

(Oh, and I do plan to post other types of art on that other page that won’t very likely find its way here. Unless some people say really nice things about it. Then maybe.)

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