Me and the Near Future

Tell me, dear reader, I beg of you: what is the point of having my own blog if I do not pointlessly expound on the intricacies and mundanities of my personal and professional life? You can’t think of any reasons (or if you have, I’m ignoring you)? Great!

The biggest thing on my docket upcoming (which might be considered the docket itself, if we are being honest, and I promote your honesty) is Gen Con, coming up in just a few short weeks!

I confess I’m not big in gaming, but I’m really interested in gaming and would like to get into it. I play a fair number of tabletop games, but I want to get the pen and paper RPG experience. Fortunately, I have a friend versed in these matters who plans to drag me through at least one such game. I look forward to enjoying it with the appropriate mix of faux- and real-dread.

The other Nice Bonus is that Jim Butcher will appear as Author Guest of Honor. Since he’s kinda sorta definitely my favorite author, I’m geeking out a bit. Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too badly. Or maybe I should hope for embarrassment, because at least that’s memorable! (Yeah, no, because I’ll be the only one who remembers and it will haunt me until the day I die.)

Our decision it go to Gen Con was partly decided when we realized that WorldCon was not in the cards this year. (as in the credit cards) I wanted to keep attending each year and have some sort of unbroken streak, but until I actually start making some money, I have to stick to what I can afford. We’ll look at attending WorldCon next year.

Despite the slight disappointment at missing WorldCon, I’m really looking forward to Gen Con. They have some great writing programs that I plan to attend, plus a few panels featuring the aforementioned Mr. Butcher. I want to come away from this con re-energized and excited to continue this crazy stupid career.

Anyone else out there planning to be in Indy?

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