In a world… where movies occasionally get too serious… one film… will LAUGH THEM OFF.

See, this is why I never get tapped to write movie trailer intros. (Plus, the movie trailer intro industry seems entirely unaware of my existence. Hello? I can help you summarize! Call me.) In fact, I feel like the movie trailer for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY did a mediocre job of introducing the film to those not in the know.

I am one of those. While I had some basic knowledge going into the movie — I sort of knew who half the characters were, I was aware that Thanos is the galactic domineering badass, etc.), I still went into this movie experience basically blind. In a way, I guess that’s a good thing, because a trailer that tells you too much about a movie is worse than one that says too little. My point here is that I may not have bothered to save up my quarters to see the film in theater were it not for the hearty recommendation of some people I respect. (For one such recommendation, be sure to check out Chuck Wendig’s classy academic review. It really digs deep and uncovers the essence of the film, I think.)

For any on the fence about whether GUARDIANS is worth the time and money, allow me to give you a slight nudge toward the affirmative. If you like action and humor and space and talking raccoons, then this is right up your alley. If you like any combination of those things, this is still up your alley.

The one things that GUARDIANS does really well is have fun. It has it’s serious parts, even starting on a pretty low note with a quick jog through Star Man’s tear-jerking origin story. It doesn’t take long for us to get to the swashbuckling, and the swashbuckling hardly takes a break once it begins. Despite the majority of the film taking place well away from our solar system, our hero is from Earth and that gives us enough of a tie to his plight for his semi-charming character to buy us the rest if the way. (The writers, and actor Mr. Pratt, successfully deliver a character that is charming even when he’s failing to be charming.) At least one character from the Marvel Studio’s filmverse makes an appearance, so that we can see this ties into the greater scope.

The rest of the main cast are aliens, but not so alien that we can’t follow along with them. Everyone did a great job in accentuating their extra-terrestrial-ness (new word!) without delving too far into bizarro land. (except where intended)

While the stakes got pretty high as the film went on, it managed to never lose that crazy fun veneer. All in all, it’s a feel-good movie and never tries to weigh the audience down with anything too serious.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is worth seeing in theaters. If nothing else, you can vote with your dollar (and dollars and dollars, it seems, lately) by attending, to put your drop in the bucket that says, hey, we like this kind of movie. And if you go and it turns out you don’t, well, first of all, you might want to figure out what your problem is, and second, that vote is already cast. Trust me, you did the rest of us a favor.

To wrap up, in give you the tl;dr version at the end because I am senselessly cruel. And because I’m a sap, I will give you this version of review as if it were taken from the mouth of one of the most heroic of the GUARDIANS:

I am Groot.

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