Stream of Semiconsciousness

Well. Insomnia seems to be having a grand old time rooting around in my head and enforcing bed times that should more aptly be applied in entirely different sections of the globe. So what, praytell, does that mean for you?

Why, it’s another installment of pointless updates to the blog!

Now, that is not entirely fair, I admit. This website exists, in its current form, predominantly as a channel between me and the Rest of the World. It’s basically the only place you can find some inkling of what I really think and how I think it. Twitter, when I’m in a Twitter-y mood, can occasionally grant brief glimpses, but it is inconsistent at best (and neglected for a week or two at a time at worst).

My personal Facebook, I can assure you, is not an effective means to get a sense of my brain patterns, for I do not find that to be a safe space for self expression. My author page, on the other hand, often gets forgotten because I typically only briefly scan Facebook once or twice a week. Should I start getting more interaction on the Facebook author page front, I will endeavor to give it more attention. My guess is that the interaction I have in mind is predicated on me being more active on the page to start, so it will probably languish for a couple of years.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten most of my author type interactions here on my page and on the terribleminds pages where I have posted. This pleases me because, for one thing, on my website I rule all and can watch the dirty peasants squirm beneath my digital thumb. (But not you. You’re less dirty than they, peasant, and I would never treat you like that.) Also, I have grown at least a little do for table with having this web page. I hope that this comfort translates over to maintenance of other web pages I plan to open in the future, for languishing web pages are just depressing. (Hey, stop looking at my Facebook page like that. At least it gets links to my posts added.)

Because I feel the need to just talk some stuff out, here is a collection of things that have happened in the last week or so.

I attended an open interview at a restaurant a few miles from my apartment. Because this company purports to have good morals, I hoped that they would look past troubles on my application (such as not having a job for two years now) and give me a shot. Alas, it was not to be. I will say this for them, though: they called to tell me that I would not be hired, and that is something I can appreciate. Plus I got a free lemonade for my troubles, so there is that.

In my quest for facial hair maintenance, I acquired a couple months ago a safety razor. This is the kind that comes apart and takes a double edged razor blade. The thing is stainless steel and feels pretty solid. I imagine, so long as I don’t lose it in a move, this razor housing will outlast me. And that’s a good thing, because razor cartridges are a racket. I do not suffer from excessive beard growth, but looking at cartridge refills that cost me five to fifteen dollars a month seemed ridiculous. These double edged razor blades will set me back maybe an average of a dollar a month. Heidi bought me a 100 pack for less than ten dollars, and I have hardly made a dent in them. I think I will blog about this in more detail sometime, for it is something I never knew about until someone told me. My father’s shaving method with an electric razor just was too harsh and ineffective on my face.

Terraria is the sort of game that you cannot just sit down and play for twenty minutes. Either I start it up and realize after five minutes that I am not really feeling like playing it after all, or it sinks its hooks into me for hours. This problem has now been exacerbated by my finally (finally!) reaching Hardmode in my game. This is great because it means there are all new things to discover, new tasks to perform, new enemies to battle, new items to craft. And I can say with certainty that it is harder. I play with an ‘easycore’ character, which means that the consequences for dying are pretty insignificant. I’m pretty good at the game, but Hardmode is pretty good at overwhelming you with enemies.

One of the things that draws me to Terraria is the open world feel to it combined with a framework I can comprehend. Minecraft is an open world sandbox, too, but I have trouble getting really engaged. Maybe knocking out a dimension simplifies things for my brain. Terraria also has more variety in what you might encounter, which makes sense as they need not render a 3D character each time they want a new monster. (To be fair, though, Terraria’s monsters are pretty detailed, within the scope of its pixelated art style.)

It occurred to me recently that Terraria makes me think of how I first envisioned the computer game in ENDER’S GAME, in which Ender explores and eventually slays a giant. When I read it, the art style and interactions I imagined were eerily close to how Terraria looks today. Despite its flaws, I enjoyed the recent movie adaptation of the book, but I found the 3D rendering environment of the computer game to be way out of touch with my expectations.

So that’s about that. This is one if those posts I expect you to skip, but I still feel the need to get it out there.

In case you’re still around, why don’t we try some Audience Engagement? (because I am so bad at this…)

What game, be it video-, board-, or otherwise, has grabbed you recently?

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  1. The last videogame that i played for any length of time was Watch Dogs. Excellent game, liked the driving mechanics a lot, and it is easier to stay alive than in GTA V.

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