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Howdy-do, folks? I’m Sheriff Jon. Don’t spell that name with an ‘h’ or I’ll shoot you dead.


“Shoot” being a euphamism for “write about,” and “dead” being a euphamism for “with snarky thoughts.” So beware of snark!

I would put that phrase up on the headline of my web page but I am fairly certain it must have been done already a quarter of a million times.

In case you have not picked up on it, this is a random jabberings post. Why? Because I’m tired. I ran through some brain work on my main work-in-progress, but the idea of laying down some fiction wearies me. Fortunately, I have this little clause in the agreement with myself that, so long as I don’t abuse it, lets me take a break to write a post like this now and then.

Here are a few of the things that are on my scattered mind today.

iPhone 6:

Hey, woo, wow, there’s a shiny thing! I have not looked much into the iPhone 6’s announcement yet for two reasons: A) it is a bit easy to anticipate the results of the upgrade — slightly better versions of basically the same thing; and B) I can so not afford the iPhone 6 that by all rights I should swing back around to being able to afford twenty of them. Or something.

It’s fine that Apple makes basically the same thing only better, at least as far as I am concerned. If the thing works, keep doing it, right? I doubt that I’ll ever own an iPhone, and if I do I’ll probably save up to buy a GSM unlocked version. That’s really expensive, however, so there’s little danger of that happening.

One good thing I want to note about the unveiling of the upcoming product line: people can finally stop baseless speculation about an “iWatch.” Now that there is officially an “Apple Watch,” we don’t have to wonder and waste a lot of the virtually unlimited online real estate on it.

(Side note: Good move on Apple’s part, not calling it the “iWatch.” It seems like there’s a bit of a creepy vibe with that particular name rather than the cutesy association made with iPhone. “i… Watch… you…” I’ve never been in love with the i-Line naming convention of the products, but it does give a conveniently short name to their products. Maybe iWatch would have been the right choice? Who knows? Who cares?)

So here we get to my main point on this announcement.

iPod touch 6:

Nada. Nothing. Nil.

I started my Apple-y journey on the trusty iPod touch 2G. (I bought it about a month before the announcement and release of the 3G and felt very silly.) Having an iPhone-like device without all that burden associated with having an actual phone was (and is, presumably) great. I was just as connected as I wanted to be.

I really liked it and later upgraded to the iPod touch 4G. Another great device.

At least until, last year, my 4G took ill and decided that continuing to function was for the birds. I never did manage to nurse it back to health, though I have looked into services that do try to do that… I might send it off one of these days soon.

Part of why I waited was to see what the iPod touch 6G would look like. The iPod touch really is the perfect solution for what I use that type of device for, but I really would prefer to skip the 5G (why mess up a working trend?).

A fair amount of online speculation says the iPod touch line is dead, that the 5G is the last we’ll ever see of it. I hope that is not true, and as a subset of that last hope, I hope some other company releases a comparable device. Everything is too smartphone these days, if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but still.

On to less-green pastures.

Fallout: New Vegas:

I may not go around professing like some fans, but I rather enjoy myself some Fallout. The more recent FPS’s, mind you. I have basically no experience with Fallouts 1 & 2, though I recently got them on Steam. Anyway, I have over a hundred hours in Fallout 3 twice over (PC and Xbox 360) and my current run of Fallout: New Vegas sits around 145 hours.

I cannot quite peg down what it is that works so well for me in those two games, but whatever it is works REALLY WELL. Even if I’m just getting ready to do the next task, a few hours can slip by without me realizing it.

There’s this tendency I have to wander from game to game, so I have been playing this character in New Vegas for a few years at this point, but I am finally at what amounts to the end of the story. Any action I take that makes a real difference in the world will lock me into one faction or the other.

Achievements are fun and in games I really like, I try to go for all of them so long as the journey is worth the destination. I completed Fallout 3’s Xbox 360 achievements list recently. New Vegas’s achievements are all done now too save for faction-specific ending missions.

One faction I did get out of the way early on. I do not like Caesar’s Legion in the least, and want to get that set of related achievements out of the way. A long while back I burned through those missions. Now I make no attempt to hide my disdain for the Legion.

Just yesterday I finished the ending where the Courier tells everyone to go soak their heads because she is taking over. (Yes, she, because I can be whoever I want in the Mojave Wasteland. So there.) I found the ending somewhat dissatisfying, because despite the Courier’s efforts to free New Vegas from its various political groups trying to control it… not much seemed to change. The ending sequence (mainly narrated by the inimitable Ron Perlman) did not give me the catharsis that I felt I earned by hoisting myself upon a seat of power that did not even exist before I showed up.

Maybe I am just asking too much.

Or maybe the Courier was never meant to rule, just to pass along some sort of philosophically relevant metaphor that I can’t think of right now.

Next up: siding with the NCR, and then working with Mr. House after that. I think I will like Mr. House because I’d like to think that it could be me who survived all those years plugged into a computer. That’s basically what I am these days anyway, right?

An aside: Cutter was eliminated. Heidi and I were not surprised (aside from being surprised he lasted this long).

I think that’s enough rambling for today. Tune in next time for something hopefully more coherent and relevant to anything at all!

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