Goat Stimulator / #SimulationSaturday

Let me tell you a tale. A tale about a goat. More specifically, a tale about a simulation of a goat. 

Even more specifically, a tale about the studio that released a simulation of a goat. 

It will not be a true story. 

It will, in fact, be only loosely related to the facts of the matter. But I will tell you my truth. The truth in which I find hope, and perhaps a bit of inspiration. 

Once upon a time, a game development company, Coffee Stains Studio (this is truth so far, but from here on out I’m making it up) became so fed up with the established video game industry that they rebelled. 

No more cover based shooters forcing players down a narrow, controlled corridor. No more endless grinding to increment a number that no one will ever see. (Editors note: there is a ‘high score’ kind of thing, but I’m not sure that counts.) 

No, what the world needs is… something random. 

Something… with goats. 

They defied their peers, those who scoffed, “You can’t make a game about goats!” The scoffing served only to press them forward. 

From this righteous effort came forth… well, Goat Simulator. 

(Okay, we’re back to the truth zone!)

I applied for about a million jobs today because, hey, writing isn’t bringing in the champagne and yachts yet, so I’m wiped. Let’s skip the justification and get right to the moral: Coffee Stain Studios committed to releasing this arguably terrible product and accepted what they had. (But not without refining it, even if you can’t tell. The game had never straight up crashed on me.)

I’m trying to build up that grit-and-bear-it attitude for my fiction projects again. 

And if you’re wondering why I’m talking about Goat Simulator, it’s because Skittles made a deal to make it free today. So, thanks, Skittles! 

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