Ultimate POWERS

imageHello, and welcome to this, the latest edition of Writer Writes a Journal Entry to Post Online. This time, we will see what happens when a writer writes a journal entry, then proceeds to post it online. You won’t want to miss the shocking conclusion.

No drawings yet. Why? Well, there are a variety of excuses I could throw your way, but let us stick exclusively to the facts. One specific fact to which I’m stuck is that I’m still sick. This has put a major damper on my productivity for going on two weeks. Additionally, my search for a side job has officially kicked off, and applying for a few dozen jobs in a short period of time is time consuming and draining. The ‘draining’ aspect is really the more important of the two, for while I have the same twenty four hours as everyone else, my particular twenty four are fraught with illness and emotional exhaustion from filling out my employment history for the umpteenth time.

But no need to focus on what I have not done, let us instead look at what is basically the coolest!

My wife traipsed through my recently viewed items and gleaned from it something that I rather desired to own. Not only that, but she found it cheaper (and higher quality) than what I did. (She must be trained in the weirding ways…) That, dear reader, is how I now hold in my hands “POWERS:THE DEFINITIVE HARDCOVER COLLECTION, Volume 1”. This is a pretty cool comic, and one I hope to draw inspiration from.

Assuming I hit my word goal… (checking… yes I did) that’s all for me. I’ll be back soon with some classy lines for you to criticize!


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