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Bad Respawn

I slip, rocks skittering down the slight hill, and the giant bellows, now aware of my presence. I shake the time skimmer bracelet loose on my arm and activate it on reflex.

The monster’s roar shakes my very core, threatening my concentration as I push my will into the magical artifact. I had known this path would be risky — the guardian giant is infamous for his keen senses, but there had to be a path through this cave where I could slip past. The time skimmer would give me as many chances as I needed to find it.

The giant stomps toward me, muscles bulging tight against its skin, and I break out in a sweat, glancing down at the time skimmer. The bracelet fairly hums with a faint power, two metallic, intertwined snakes consuming each other in an ancient symbol of infinity. I know I performed the correct steps, so why does the magic not activate?

Sneering at me, the giant grabs a club that could easily have been an uprooted tree, and I backpedal. This is not what I expect at all from the skimmer. The ancient books on the bracelet — the ones which have not been destroyed or locked in deep, inaccessible archives — assure that it works.


The tree club waves over the giant’s head and I make my decision — time to run. I’ve never heard of anyone upsetting this foul beast and living to tell about it, but maybe there’s a chance…

I stumble over broken bones as I turn to flee, a collection of prior intruders. My stomach lurches as the giant smashes the ground just behind me, popping me off the ground and tangling my legs. I attempt to roll to my feet, but the giant swats me aside and I land on my back,

Pain shoots up my spine, and I can do naught but stare up in terror as the giant heaves his club for a finishing blow, and an intense buzzing fills my ears. My body vibrates, and I feel suddenly very fluid.

Crystalline blue light washes over me, then I pour slowly into my own body. Before I can do anything, I watch, as…

I slip, rocks skittering down the slight hill, and the giant bellows, now aware of my presence. I shake the time skimmer bracelet loose on my arm and activate it on reflex.

“No!” I yell at myself, coming back into control, but it matters not.

The monster’s roar shakes my very core.

The bracelet hums.

I run.

Zed: A Poem

My poem is a sestina. In class, I was told to copycat another poem, so I chose “ Altaforte” by Ezra Pound. Other than matching its structure, I opted to go for iambic pentameter as well. 

Source: KnowHr


I lurch awake and hear the frightful moan
These mindless husks seek only to eat brains
There’s no recourse left me but to run
I duck and dodge but get cut off by fire
They close in, I grab for any weapon
I bring the baseball bat to stop their bite

Their jaws are strong, a chunk of wood they bite
A cry calls out, disdain shown in a moan
A shame, in games the bat is prime weapon
I toss the bat and flee to keep my brains
The mass of them has squelched the roaring fire
Push through the crowd and set out on a run

I thought that I’d be able to go run
But then they bear down on a girl to bite
I throw one by the shoulders into fire
It somehow does not silence its sick moan
The girl is easy target, just for brains
I’m scared but then she hands me a weapon

Blast the flamer; shotgun – better weapon
The girl agrees it’s time for us to run
Will his cohorts go for rotten brains?
Maybe they will stop here for a bite
My gut wrenches when I hear them all moan
The city must be cleanséd with the fire

A car explodes, stops us with its fire
Another one is dead; empty weapon
The girl does not have any shells; I moan
I know we cannot keep them on the run
Glancing down at her hand I see a bite
I realize I have not used my brains

The girl tries to help herself to my brains
Her teeth rip flesh, arm feels like it’s on fire
I scream, terror at what it means, her bite
Her face shocked, as if hit by a weapon
I lay there as she gets up to go run
It’s not long till I join those who just moan

No brawn will do, brains are your best weapon 
Stay far away, fire others and run
Or you will soon be one to bite and moan