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#FlashFiction: Operation Homecoming

So today I took a very important test that I spent the last eight months preparing for.

That went well. I passed! Part of that I credit to a teacher’s advice to shut my books and do something creative before the test. So, with just hours to go before the test, I smashed through the first story I’ve written in over a year. It felt good.

This story was prompted by Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenge, hope in the face of hopelessness. This may not be as serious as some other entries there (which I recommend reading, there’s some good stuff coming from these challenges), and it may quirk a few of my regular readers’ eyebrows, but I enjoyed exploring a perspective somewhat different from my own. I hope you enjoy reading it, just below!

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Flash Fiction: Mime’s the Word

Here it is, in all its glory. My first published bit of fan fiction. Set in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files universe, we follow the exploits of Harry Dresden on yet another job with yet another client. Debrief to follow.

(Cover image copyright Jeff Lindsay)



I held the chunk of cardboard up closer to my face. The spinner attached to it fluttered in the breeze sweeping along the Chicago street and wreaked havoc on my tracking spell.

“No birthday parties, Harry,” I muttered, reminding myself of that qualifier in my phonebook ad. Well, the kid, my client, at least hadn’t hired me to entertain at the party, so there was that.

Little Josephine had dragged her daycare provider up the stairs of my office building to hire me. Her hand, which I spied through the frosted glass of the door’s window, couldn’t even reach the words printed there: Harry Dresden, Wizard. Continue reading Flash Fiction: Mime’s the Word

Flash Fiction: Eat Your Vegetables

A response to a flash fiction challenge at terribleminds: use an unusable stock photo to inspire a story. Here’s the picture:

And… here’s the story.

– – – – –

Eun Rhee quavered behind a nicely upholstered loveseat. Its smooth brown geometric curves on the soft cotton/polyester blend did little to sooth him, instead reminding Eun of the woman who had sat next to him, just an hour before. Continue reading Flash Fiction: Eat Your Vegetables