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An Urgent Message regarding the Death of my Client

from: barbus naberus
date: Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 7:32 PM
subject: strickly confidential

To the Esteemed Next of Kin,

My greetings extend to you! How are you this day? I hope my message finds you well.

This email may seem something of a surprise. Do not be alarmed! I have nothing but good news for you, as we will soon, I believe, become excellent business partners. Continue reading An Urgent Message regarding the Death of my Client

#FlashFiction: Twinkle, Part 3

Two parts precede my entry here. Part one by Aspen Gainer, and part two by Paul J. Willet. I have printed their entries below, with mine following, as per instructions.

Please leave a comment to let all three of us know what you thought about the story!




by Aspen Gainer, Paul J. Willet, and JD Stoffel

“I’d like to go to space,” Katarina told her friend Tomas, tentative but confident. She turned the phrase over in her mind, testing the shape of the words in her mouth.

People laughed at her when she talked about going, but it felt more and more right each time. Even Tomas doubted her, writing it off as one of ‘Kat’s weird, wishy-washy ideas’ that would never pan out.

To be honest, Katarina even laughed at herself. Every time she thought about space travel as a real thing–not just a Heinlein-Asimov-Bradbury fuelled frenzy of excitement–after the awed giggles bubbled up through her tight chest and out of her upturned lips, she would shake her head just like her friends and tell herself why she’d never go. Continue reading #FlashFiction: Twinkle, Part 3

#FlashFiction challenge: Continuing Last Week’s Story

Chuck Wendig pulled a fast one on us. Last week he claimed that our challenge was to write the first half of a story, which I did, in fact, do. Now he tells us, nope, that was just the first THIRD of the story, and two other writers are gonna get their grubby mitts on it before it’s all said and done!

Well, benevolent fictional benefactor that I am, I got my hands on two other stories and wrote the middle section of the tale. Be sure to read the preceding section before my entry (which I shall graciously link with each) because otherwise it might not make much sense.

Continue reading #FlashFiction challenge: Continuing Last Week’s Story